Christmas came early…

…for a certain little somebody.  I won this awesome “In the Night Garden Hamper” from Melinda famed for Diaries of a white mother raising a black baby.   When I got home last night I rushed to the room where I knew the delivery was waiting, we scrambled on the bed and we unwrapped it with huge grins on our faces.   It was the box that just kept on giving. 

A Makka Pakka bath toy.  The Tombliboo’s, all three of them Unn, Ooo and Eee which for the record reflect how a young toddler might say the numbers one, two, three. Mr Pontipine.  An upsy daisy puppet.  An Iggle Piggle puppet and Iggle Piggle blanket. Last but not least an In the night garden notebook which I’m sure madam is going to love scribbling in.

I love prizes.  I love them more when I get to see the utter joy it brings to someone else.  My little girl is so chuffed with her new toys.  Thank you so much Melinda!


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