Kamersvol Geskenke

My Afrikaans is a bit rusty but I’m almost positive Kamersvol Geskenke translates to a Room full of gifts.  And a room full of gifts is what filled the classrooms of the Open Window School in Irene this past weekend.  Our eyes were spoilt for choice with all the beautiful, original and imaginative items on display.  It took a lot of willpower to not spend my entire salary at this market. Alot.

Luckily we had the kids in tow and if you are a parent you know how complicated shopping can be when they are around.  So needless to say we didn’t browse as much as we would have liked to and I think my bank card appreciated that fact.  That’s not to say we went home empty handed.  No not at all.  We picked up two gorgeous old Coca Cola wooden crates.  We introduced them to our home and I think they like it on our stoep.  I know for a fact that we like having them around and they’ve definitely added some character to the bar fridge. 

When our little shopping spree came to a little halt we pushed our way through the crazy mayhem of hundreds of other excitable shoppers to the kids play area.  We watched the kids play while we sipped champagne under Africa’s vibrant blue sky.  The multi-coloured bunting blowing in the breeze above us.  The festive Christmas decorations bobbing beside us.  Little people sucking the caramel we had bought in hopes they would sit still for longer than 2 minutes.  I hopes weren’t crashed, they did sit still, for a little while.  And even though we spent the better part of our time at the market in the play area it was still worth the drive out to Pretoria.  The Gautengers got a taste of Cape Town right here in our own city.  It was a fabulous market!  We look forward to welcoming you up to the highveld once again in 2012. 


3 thoughts on “Kamersvol Geskenke

  1. I so badly wanted to go, but going to a market of this caliber and not having a full salary to spend almost doesn’t seem worth it (damn maternity leave). Most definitely next year. I am so glad you enjoyed it though!

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