We’re back

We are back from holiday.

Our clothes are a little tighter.  Our bellies are a little rounder.  Our shoulders a little sunburnt.  Most importantly our souls have been revitalized which thankfully trickles down to the mind and body too.  The sea air will do that to you.  It’s amazing!

The excitement of the holiday season is almost tangible.  It’s our money back guarantee to great memories.  We’re almost always confident we won’t need a refund.  We come back refreshed and recharged which is exactly what we were hoping for when going into it. 

The air is charged with rivalry on the way to the coast, it’s always great fun to see who will spot the sea first.  I am certified the official winner of 2011 kids.  Once we arrive the days are packed with free time.  A commodity that is quite rare up in Joburg but something we totally relish in when we are on holiday.  We fill our spare time with building sandcastles on the beach, boogy boarding, sun tanning, eating ice-creams that melt to quickly, taking trips to the harbour, reading books, playing cards, drinking cocktails, having mid-day naps and so many other things.  Oh the things you do when you are on holiday.  Summer holidays!

With a blink of an eyelid we’re back in Joburg.  We’re home.  Where spare time is a rarity but when we do get a glimpse of it, it brings back sweet memories.  Memories of happy carefree moments.  In the meantime I’ll enjoy my new tan whilst battling the bulge.  This year is going to be a good year.  I can feel it. 

A few of our moments captured.  Kids in a few years we’ll look back and we’ll say “remember when….”


9 thoughts on “We’re back

  1. Beautiful, beautiful pics. You have a wonderful way with words. Looks like you had an amazing time. Welcome home.

    ps….I LOVED the camping. We are SOOOOO doing it again!

  2. It sounds and looks blissful Fee!
    And your photography is exquisite as always, makes me feel like rushing off on holiday myself!

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