The day before

The day before a birthday party always brings a certain amount of trepidation and anxiety for me. Donovan, Ethan and I all have winter birthdays. May, June and July respectively which ultimately means the worry of rain is always quite low down on my list. Little Zoelicious on the other hand has her birthday slap bang in the middle of Summer, the rainy season. When I found out I was pregnant in the Autumn of 2008 and worked out the due date would be January I was so pleased we would finally have a child who we could throw swimming parties for.

Growing up I always envied my friends who had pool side parties when I on the other hand had two options. Party at home in the middle of winter or go to the ice-rink. Parties at home included a few friends awkwardly standing around the cake table because really there wasn’t much else to do, except yearn for hotter weather so we could all jump into the pool. Parties at the ice-rink were never really a hit with me either considering I’ve never mastered the art of skating. The 2 hour skating sessions would either see me ill at ease holding onto the side or if I did work up the courage to give it a go I would normally find myself face down with a mouthful full of ice. Either choices weren’t very appealing so the desire to have a swimming pool party has always been close to my heart.

Fast forward to the 21st century and I have a little girl who I can relive my childhood dreams through. Well that is until she is old enough to decide for herself which leaves me another year or two at the most. So this year after having to cancel last year’s swimming party due to heavy rains I decided to try again and eagerly emailed the Beach Party invites out in mid December. Since getting back from the coast this week both Donovan and I have been enthusiastically checking the weather reports. If we don’t like what we see on weather24, we’ll try weathersa and vice versa hoping one will give us the desired result. As it stands now a few showers but more sun the clouds is what they are predicting. All I’m praying for is that between 12 – 3 tomorrow afternoon the showers will abstain and the sun will prevail.

In the meantime we’ll keep our optimism up. The island style cake has been ordered. The wine gums, sour worms, marshmallows and liquorice all sorts are ready so we can make sweet kebabs. The zesty sangria will be prepared this evening. The ice-cream is chilling in the freezer waiting to be scooped into sugar cones for sweet little children. The baby rainbow pool is ready and waiting for tiny feet and arms to kick and splash while the bigger pool is sparkly blue waiting for older kids to play Marco Polo. Last but not least Donovan made a special batch of home-made ginger beer for the guests that has been bottled and is cooling in the outside fridge.

As Barney would sing “Mr Sun Sun. Mr Golden Sun. Please shine down on me

That is all I’m hoping for.


6 thoughts on “The day before

  1. Hey, hope the rain stayed away? Was also ALWAYS envious of my friends who had birthdays in summer. And now I’m envious of friends who have kids born in summer. Such cool party ideas. My DH and I both have birthdays in winter – no big deal when you are an adult, but my kids have birthdays in August and September – traditionally COLD and RAINY months in Cape Town.
    Hope much fun was had at your beach party.

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