Three years ago

I had picked out your name but I hadn’t met you yet

I felt you move but I didn’t know the wonder of actually holding and cradling you in my arms

I knew your sleep patterns but I hadn’t experienced a night feed with you

I had your baby blankets washed but I didn’t know the joy I would get swaddling you in it

I had your coming home outfit picked out but I didn’t know how nervous I would be dressing someone so small and fragile

I had daddy install the car chair but I didn’t know just how precious our cargo was going to be

I had a cupboard full of baby lotions, creams and soap but I didn’t know how delightful you would find bath-time

I had family and friends that were excited to meet you but I didn’t know how overprotective I would be over you

I had imagined you but nothing prepared me for the miracle of seeing you in person for the first time

I prayed God would bless me with a girl and on the 12 January 2009 my prayers were answered.

Tomorrow at exactly 8:20 am our world changed forever


10 thoughts on “Three years ago

  1. Lovely post Fiona. Being pregnant, giving birth and then meeting your baby is the most wonderful experience and I am blessed to have experienced it twice. Happy birthday Zoe xxx

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