General Chitchat

Do you remember this incident nearly two months ago?  Would you believe me if I said we still don’t have our car back from the mechanic?  Not only did we rip the sump and oil tank open we also caused severe damage to our engine.  When my husband has an accident with a rock he does it properly.

You would think the above would put us off camping for awhile but what’s that old saying about falling off a bicycle and climbing back on straight away?  I’m in the midst of organizing and booking a camping trip for our awesome group of friends next month.  We found a wonderful place out in Bela Bela that wait, get this, sets and packs up your tent for you while you sit back and they serve you home-made pancakes.  Spoilt much?

I’m busy sipping on an icy pineapple, prickly pear and lemon juice that my husband kindly made in our pretty little juicer last night.  In an effort to eat healthy I’m rather despondent to say I’ve actually put on a kilogram.  Could it be all the fruit we’re eating? 

My tattoo has been booked for next month.  It has afterall, been in the pipeline for over 6 months so it’s long overdue.  I promise to post pics.

We spent Sunday getting wet, working out our arm muscles and navigating our way around hazardous looking rocks.  You guessed it, we went White River Rafting.  It was four hours of wild crazy fun.  Thanks to my little sister for the invite, it’s definitely going to secure a spot in our highlight list for 2012. 

Now that the Christmas frenzy has passed it’s safe to say there is a toy that is the firm favourite.  Out of the new digital camera, the Skylanders set, the PSP Games, the Ben 10 Movie, the books that Ethan was given….I’m pleased to announce that the old broken broomstick we use to mix the paint has taken first prize.   You see we’ve been informed that he is is teaching himself Kung Fu.  If we’re looking for him he can normally be located in the garden whooshing and banging you around in his own little world of Martial Arts.  Who would have guessed after all those years sitting in the garden shed?   

That’s my news for today.  I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

My quote I’m living by this week


6 thoughts on “General Chitchat

  1. Hahahahaha, it’s like that mastercard add where they tally up the cost of the toys and the baby loves the boxes they came in more ;)

    I used to love dancing with our mop for some reason when I was a lightie!


  2. LOL but if you wrapped the broomstick and left it under the tree you would be the worst mom ever :-p

    I am on week 2 of eating REALLY well but lost like 200g in the first week – I cut out meat, wasnt snacking, drinking water blah blah – D lost a kilo :-/ Is it that time of the month? Cos that does mess with it alot!

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