I shot the Marshall’s

Kids a few weeks ago your Aunty Sam asked me if I wouldn’t mind snapping a few photo’s of her brood.  There really wasn’t much to mind at all.  Firstly her little brood of 3 is some of the best looking kids I know.  Secondly it also meant spending some one on one time with my godsons.  Thirdly as an extra bonus Sam and I have similar tastes and I knew she wouldn’t mind me lugging my little treasure chest, the trunk, along as a prop. 

With all this in mind I was still a little hesitant.  Most moms understand how difficult it can be to try and coax children to have their photo taken right? Then when you eventually persuade them to do it they flash a cheesy fake smile. Talk about a photo fail! Well the Gods must have been smiling down on me yesterday as there was absolutely none of the above.  I had three eager little bodies who were so keen to play along with me, my camera and the trunk.  The boys started off a bit bashful and the big sister was a little reserved but after a few minutes that all changed.  I had three outgoing, sociable and bossy little models telling me what poses would work best.  It was great fun!

These little men have such spunk.

What can I say about this little girl? She was one of the reasons my heart did somersaults when I found out I was going to have a girl of my own.

Thanks for the great morning Sam, Tanna, Logan and Tyler Marshall. 


8 thoughts on “I shot the Marshall’s

  1. Ah man I love these (and you know how i feel about the trunk)
    I was telling Mathew on the week-end that I want to do a shoot with my own kids at Delta park,

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