I got inked…

So I did it.  I drove all the way to my appointment without turning around, even though the thought of doing a u-turn in peak hour traffic on the N1 seemed desirable at times.  I parked my car with much uncertainty to find a friendly face in the parking lot {thanks for the support Celeste} and it was time. 

Jan the tattoo artist was awesome!  He suggested I go get myself a beer to calm my nerves while he set up {I didn’t think twice to take him up on that offer}.  The chilled Miller didn’t even touch sides and before I knew it was the point of no return.  Jan was tracing the Africa outline over my old tattoo, the dolphins.  Then came the buzz of the tattoo machine.  The dipping of the ink.  Then the much anticipated first touch of the needle to my skin .

I cringed a little I’m sure but in all honestly it really wasn’t that bad.  I’m not saying it wasn’t sore.  I’m saying it wasn’t as sore as the 19 year old Fiona remembers it.  In just under an hour it was all over.  I finally had my Africa tattoo.

Here’s a little video the crazy talented Linkies put together of my experience.


Thanks Missing Link for sponsoring the tattoo.  It was quite an experience.


9 thoughts on “I got inked…

  1. Very cool! LOVE the Africa design. Am going to get inked later this year as well. Have not even thought about the pain. I figure it can’t possibly be worse than child birth, right?

  2. Holy Sh*t Fee! I have my noise-cancelling headphones on and just about had a coronary when the videoclip started :)
    Very cool – and gotta add that your 2 are just too cute! xx

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