We were shot in Newtown

Yesterday was most certainly the highlight of our weekend. It was our family shoot in Newtown on Sunday.  I carefully selected the kids outfits a few days before and it turned out that we were short a pair of shoes for Mister and a pair of knee length socks for the madam.  Saturday we decided to divide and conquer.  Donovan located a perfect pair of trendy black takkies at Mr Price for Ethan.  I located the perfect pair of little white socks at Woolworths for Zoe.  We were all set and ready to go. 

The alarm went off at 6 sharp!  It was time to get ready and make sure we got ourselves to Newtown before 8 looking semi decent.   We managed to do that without too much stress.  Although there was a moment just before we left when our little Miss Independent toddler insisted on feeding herself which ended in yoghurt all over her red little top.  I thought I might just strangle her someone but we managed to avert panic with one or two wetwipes and no-one was hurt in the process either. 

We arrived in the city with more than a few minutes to spare.  The kids were eager to start posing so we snapped a few pics of them with our iphone beforehand. 

I hoped this was a sign of things to come for our photographer.  Because really, how much fun is it to take photo’s of miserable children who refuse to pose for you?  It turned out that our photographer was super nice and she was awesome with the kids so in return they played along nicely too.  There were a few instances that we had to bribe the kids with a choc chip cookies but Carla took advantage of the situation and snapped some really cute photo’s of both kids chilling on the streets of Newtown nibbling on their biscuits. 

After the shoot we were all feeling pretty ravenous, it appears the choc chip biscuits just didn’t fill the spot, so we took the kids to 44 Stanley in Melville.  We had a late brunch at Salvation Café which preaches they are the soul of good food.  I love a place that practices what they preach.  Their food was heavenly and once we had filled up on American pancakes, Mexican breakfast wraps and mozzarella, marinated tomato and basil sandwiches we headed home. 

The rest of the day was spent napping and running through sprinklers for the littlest one.  Chilling on the couch for the older one who is battling a cold and needs to get better for his school camp out this week.  And us battling checkers with friends over manhattans in the garden, it was a good day.

Now we wait in anticipation for the end result pics of the family photoshoot.  I can’t wait to see what Carla does with them!}


6 thoughts on “We were shot in Newtown

  1. I can’t wait to see how they turned out! They look so wonderfully coordinated.

    I can’t say I’ve ever heard them referred to as American pancakes! I suppose they are, though…

  2. As you say if that one shot is anything to go by the rest of them are going to be AWESOME! Love it… can’t wait to see the official ones when you get them.


  3. Awesome! It sure does sound like fun! If it’s anything like the engagement shoot Carla did for us in February, then it was guaranteed fun! :) She is very talented and a pleasure to work with. I’d recommend her to anyone!

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