A break in routine

Every Monday to Thursday evening just after dinner I begrudgingly drag myself back to the dining room table to do and check homework with our Grade 4. Some nights are painless. Some nights not so much. Last night our house was homework free. Instead we welcomed another kind of check list. A list that included a sleeping bag, a torch with an extra set of batteries, clothes that can and will get dirty, a water bottle to take on hikes, good outdoor shoes, a raincoat and special medicines for allergies. The list commences the build-up of the much anticipated Grade 4 camp that my boy has been counting the sleeps down too, probably since the beginning of the year? Or actually it could be since they got back from their Grade 3 camp last year? It’s probably the highlight of his year next to Christmas day and Justin Biebers birthday.

Instead of inspecting school shoes this morning we were greeted with the sound of flip flops on the wooden floors. Instead of seeing an empty breakfast bowl on the dining room table I found Cheerio’s in the kitchen sink because “mom I’m too excited to eat”. Instead of packing lunch boxes we stopped at the Engen shop to buy munchies for the trip to Magaliesberg. It was a welcome break in our otherwise frantic school run routine.

When we arrived at school my Grade 4 informed me in his best Yoga impersonation “Excited I am. School camp I will be” He promptly climbed out of the front seat, grabbed his bags and set off on his 3 day adventure away from home. I hope you have the best time my boy!


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