What else we did on holiday

When we weren’t rushing down windy beach roads looking for hospitals we were taking leisurely drives through the mystical Midlands.  Switching on our windscreen wipers as we headed down Nottingham road I wondered which is more notorious?  The countless windmills in the Free State or the infamous mist and drizzle that hover over the Midlands.  Either way we love the drive down to the coast.  It is always filled with excitement, delight and promise. 

The Midlands is full of charm.  From the rolling hills dotted with Jersey and Holstein cows to the rolling vineyards just off Lions River.  We love exploring new and old haunts.  We had our customary German Eisbein at the local Bierfassel, stayed over on a beautiful Dairy Farm for the night and adventured out to a delightful little café called Piggly Wiggly just outside Lions River.  It was the perfect setting for the start of our trip. 

When we weren’t mingling with doctors we were convening on beaches.  Little girls amusing themselves with sea sand, buckets and spades.  Little boys who was mesmerized by the breaking of the waves and whose head we could see bobbing up and down most of the day.  A Mom and Dad un-winding under the sizzling African Sun whilst taking turns whilst keeping our ears open for the tinkle of the ice-cream lady. 

The weather put on its best display of daily indigo skies, breathtaking sunrises and the odd but welcome evening shower.  The smell of the salty sea air and the North Coast sultry humidity were greeted with long awaited approval from all. 

There is nothing like being on holiday.  Especially when the expectation of it doesn’t outweigh the reality of it.


4 thoughts on “What else we did on holiday

  1. Bliss – I am longing for an awesome holiday like that soon! I haven’t been on holiday since I was 19 weeks pregnant with K and really feel like I neeeeed one desperately now…


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