Zoe I envy

Your chubby little hands.  There are still so many marvelous things you are going to experience with them.  Like the first time you hold hands with a boy you secretly admire.  Or the first time you nervously take the steering wheel to learn how to drive.  And most wondrous of all that magical moment when you first touch and meet your own newborn baby. 

Your sweet curls.  A women’s pride and joy.  One day we’ll take you for your first haircut and I’ll carefully place your first locks in an envelope that will be stored in your keepsake box.   I’ll teach you how to French Braid and we’ll take turns plaiting each other’s hair.  Then when you are older we’ll have hair appointments for important events like matric farewells, being a bridesmaid and other momentous occasions like your wedding day.  I can’t wait to be there, standing on the sidelines, watching you all grown up. 

Your big brown eyes.  When I look into them I lose myself in the wonderment it is to be a child again.  You have countless things yet to discover.  A new city you’ve never been to before.  New friends you have yet to meet.  You’ll be introduced to the wonderful world of reading and books will fill your world with adventure and wonderment.  You’ll watch new movies that will take you on thrilling voyages.   

Your tiny little feet.  They have so many places to take you.  The first time you run your very first school race.  The first time you hesitantly step on an ice-rink.   The first time we allow you to swim in the sea by yourself.  The first time you will step aboard a plane without us to explore the world.  We held your hand when you took your very first step  and now we’ll cheer you on as you start becoming more independent. 

There are moments when I lie next to you and I breathe in your youth.  I’m so excited for you and I feel so blessed to be part of your journey.  The journey called growing up. 

You have so much to look forward too. 


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