You only live once

Kids we only get one chance at this thing called Life. Here is some advice for your youth.

Enjoy your play time with your newborn dolls. One day you won’t be able to pack your babies away when you are tired or need a break.

Sleep in late while you still can. Once you have a family of your own sleeping in is a luxury that might happen once in a blue moon.

Enjoy those cheesy pizzas and chocolate mousses. Once you reach adulthood you find yourself counting each calorie or having to buy bigger clothes.

Take full advantage of your school holidays. When you get a full time job your 3 months of leave is cut down to a measly 15 days a year.

Enjoy your play time with your lego. Building Rocketships, Princess Castles and Galactic cities only happen in your dreams when you grow up.

Ride your bicycles and scooters as much as you can. Once you are older driving becomes your only form of transport and it can get a bit boring.

Immerse yourself in childhood stories. The magic of The Faraway Tree, Cinderella and The Secret Seven can’t be recaptured in adult books.

Make many friends now. When you are older it’s not so easy to meet someone on the playground and walk away with a new friend.

Enjoy your education. Once you leave school you’ll miss the camaraderie, company and friendship the school halls provided.

I look back on my childhood and I miss all of the above. We never know what we had until it’s gone. Cherish your youth Ethan and Zoe. You only live once.


7 thoughts on “You only live once

  1. I love everything you have mentioned. If I can add one, it is that they should really enjoy their childhood without worries because after school and being employed, comes every day worries whether the economy is secure enough or whether you will have a work etc.
    I want to change one of your point though: I know kids should enjoy their chocolate mouses and sweets but … for me I wish I knew that with all that wrong eating ways, it will result in obesity.

  2. I always *always* wish I could redo my childhood and not change anything but at least have an appreciation for just how great being a kid is. You’ve summed it up perfectly for me.

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