When your tank is empty

My Scenic always seems to run on empty at the most inopportune moments.  In true Murphy’s law fashion the petrol light always lights up when I’m running late for work!  Add to the mix that I’m on the wrong side of Malibongwe where the only two petrol stations before getting onto the highway are on the opposite side of the road.  In rush hour traffic this adds an extra twenty minutes to my already late journey because cars crawl slower than tortoises at that time of the morning.  The other alternative is to get onto the highway, freewheel most of the way to my office in Midrand and hope and pray I can sneak out at lunch time to fill the tank up before home time.    

To top it off the Scenic has this irritating beep that goes off every now and then just to remind you that petrol is running low.  This normally catches me midway of daydreaming about what’s for dinner, what meetings I have that day or what groceries are needed.  You know the stuff your average working mom daydreams about on trips to the office and back?  Anyway it’s so piercingly loud that it always gives me a mini heart attack.  I really wish I could disable that feature next to the same irritating beeping that commences when I take my seatbelt off prematurely.  The exasperating beeping normally signals my Scenic is going to run out of steam any kilometre now and if I don’t get her to a petrol station I’ll find myself on the side of the road, stranded.  No amounts of begging or pleading will start her up if I don’t put something into her tank. 

That’s pretty much what happens with mommies and daddies too except we can run on empty for a bit longer.  I think we were made with really big reserve tanks because there are times that I feel that I should have broken down a long time ago but I just keep going.  So this Saturday mommy and daddy went to fill up.  We took a drive out to the Cradle of Humankind and we booked our weary empty bodies into a lovely boutique garage.  The attendants were attentive and the premises were beautiful.  We filled up on long walks overlooking the Majestic Mountains, eating Juicy Fillets with Cranberry Sauce in the dining room and lots of chill time on the sun loungers sipping cocktails. 

Our tanks are almost full again.  We’re good to go kids.


5 thoughts on “When your tank is empty

  1. I too think our reserve tanks are HUGE! All too often tho we go and go and go and forget to fill up and we end up stalling! Thanks for the reminder that we too need our tanks to be filled up SANS kids ;)


  2. You are soooooo right. We have HUGE reserve tanks and definitely NEED to be filled up more.Sounds like the perfect time-out. Love the pics.x

  3. I think that filling up with petrol is one of the worst jobs in the world….My B will never let me get under 1/4 tank…then he takes my car/scooter to get filled…spoilt brat, I know
    I think as parents we are always running on empty….smile

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