Things I’m looking forward to

Bloom. I’m a huge fan of Kelle Hampton’s blog. So much so that I think if I lived in Florida I might develop some stalker tendencies but luckily for her I’m on another continent. So the next best thing other than checking her blog every day for updates is to pre-order her very first book. This morning I received a much anticipated SMS from Kalahari saying the book is in the country and ready to be delivered. I can’t wait to read it!

Birthday’s. Ethan is turning 10 this month. My little boy is almost a tweenie and not the type we watch on CBeebies either. He is more in proportion and acts his age…sometimes. He is also a kind, loving and sincere little boy who always compliments my food, tickles my back and plays Lego with his sister. I know in a few years time that might all change but for now I’m still enjoying his childlike youth.

Picnic in the Sky. I love uncovering our inner city and what better way to do that on a Sunday with a group of awesome friends. We’ll be exploring Joburg by public transport where we’ll be picnicking on the 50th floor of the Carlton Centre overlooking our amazing metropolis. I love the vibe Joburg has to offer and even though we’re often warned to be careful of the CBD, truth be told if a good private school shot up in the centre of town I might even consider moving my family into one of those snazzy new open plan apartments in Main Street.

Shopping. It’s pay day this week, the weather is cooler and I’m in need of warmer clothes. This can only mean one thing. Time to shop! I’m looking for some sexy brown boots, a long scarlet scarf and a chunky colourful jersey. Have I ever told you that I love Winter?

Anniversaries. Next week we celebrate 9 years of marriage. One year short of a Decade. A babysitter has been organized and as luck will have it, it falls on the evening of the one and only Night Market for Arts on Main in May. That evening we’ll celebrate our love under the moonlight sky entertained by Art, Music, Fashion and Good Food. Note to self, don’t forget the Red Bull for work on Friday.

Public Holidays. We have not one but two public holidays coming up and they are always always welcome especially when you are a working mom. I get to catch up on my sleep, with my family, with my friends and if I’m lucky I might even get some me time (with my new book).

I hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend. It’s just around the corner. I can feel it.


12 thoughts on “Things I’m looking forward to

  1. Cannot wait for my copy of Bloom either :-)

    Dying to do the picnic in the sky…can’t wait to hear all about it. I would do do the same…would love to live in the city :-)

  2. Agree with Hayley! We both work in the Jo’burg CBD and absolutely love the vibe and passion of town! last week, we went on a trip to see the new Jo’burg library and had fish ‘n chips for lunch on the way back to the office. Town is awesome! Have fun!

  3. haahaaa…I love Kelle Hampton as well. My BBF friend in london ordered the book Bloom and has raved about it..she says to prepare with a box of tissue.
    Enjoy the long weekend

  4. So much of awesome to look forward to! I’ve got my copy of Bloom and am loving re-reading and re-experiencing the beauty that is Nella.


  5. I’ll need to check the book out! I don’t read her blog, but it seems like I should be?

    Happy 9 years!

  6. I have just started reading Bloom. Oh my word, I have literally sobbed through the first twenty pages. Kelle is such a beautiful writer. I may be a basket case by the end of the book though xx

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