My Net

This weekend has been a rollercoaster of emotions. In the mayhem of the ups and the downs I’m thankful I have a net.

“The ever existence of one another, standing by, ready to catch any one of us who might be falling” – Kelle Hampton

It’s easy to share the good times with our nearest and dearest because it’s those very moments that make memories count. It’s the good times that bring us together. You see we can share an amazing day together. We can experience the new, the exhilarating, the exciting and we can look back on days like that and we smile. Sunday was a day like this. We saw Joburg with old and new eyes. The old eyes reminisced about those happy hours spent at Pumpernickels in Carlton Centre, many a head banging hour at the Doors and many sore tummies from the dodgy boerewors rolls we would purchase at ridiculous hours of the morning. The new eyes made new memories riding in taxi’s together down the crazy one way’s in the CBD, learning new and interesting facts about our Joburg skyline, opposing each other over a game of chess and dancing on rooftops as the sun sets over the dusky horizon. We made good memories.

But there’s something to be said about the bad times. It’s the bad times that pull us together. There are times that we fall. There are times we need our net, our safety net called family and friends. Our support structure that never lets me down. And the same people that stood by you making those memories are the very people who stand by you in the bad times too. Your very own cheerleading squad.

I am thankful for my net that was there on Sunday.

Thank you guys. You rock!



8 thoughts on “My Net

    1. This was taken with my Canon. Send me your top 2 pics from your iphone. I’m going to email everyone now asking for theirs too :)

  1. So true, we all need a safety net. I’m decluttering my life and getting rid of meaningless acquaintances and hopefully strengthening and creating new meaningful friendships…

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