May. I like you.

This very second nine years ago we were newlyweds.  We were a thousand miles from our baby boy and as much as we both yearned for him we were lapping up the scenery of the Mediterranean like a meze platter of Greek olives, delicate pastries and spicy lamb.  

May always brings back a flood of good memories.  The day we said our vows to each other, the birth of my first born and our first trip to Europe all feature in this eventful Autumn month.   It started off in 2002 when I welcomed a bouncy baby boy into our lives.  He was our little gift of mischief and wonder.  We were introduced to the world of night time feeds, burping, changing diapers, warming up bottles and the astonishment of falling in love with a tiny human being that shared both our genes but was so very perfect in every way.  That year we grew up a little, we slept less and in-between we planned a wedding.

Fast forward to May 2003 with a car packed to the brim with a camp cot, a restless toddler, beach towels, costumes, a wedding dress, a tux, other wedding paraphernalia and we were on our way to join 50 of our closest friends and family for the big day.   We spent an amazing week together down at the Natal South Coast before saying our vows to each other.   We had 8 apartments that squeezed six or more in because we were on a teeny budget but no-one minded especially when you have the beach as a playground.   Friends and Family trickled in from Johannesburg, Cape Town and London and on the 3rd of May we said our vows at the Magical Boathouse in Ballito. 

The day was filled with anticipation, tears of joy, champagne, crashing waves, music and plenty of love.   Once the day was tucked away into that slot of most memorable moments we packed our car up, this time it wasn’t only packed to the brim but it was over spilling with wedding presents to, and we headed home.   One of the wedding presents included a ticket to Greece. 

It was a bittersweet moment when we had to say goodbye to our not yet one year old and board a flight that was going to transport us thousands of kilometers away.  Our little boy had entwined his little soul into every fibre of our life so it was difficult to try and imagine two full weeks without him.  Yet this was our very first trip out of Africa and we were beyond thrilled to be able to travel with the person we just promised to spend the rest of our lives with.  Boy oh boy, Greece didn’t disappoint, not for one second. It’s postcard perfect and it was a magnificent stepping stone for us into the world of travel.   It opened our eyes to another world and it opened our hearts to the magic of travelling.  We were enthralled by the ancient beauty of the Acropolis and the tranquility and charisma of the Islands stole our hearts.   It was two memorable weeks that we tucked in the same slot as Ethan’s birth and our wedding day. 

That’s why May, you will always hold a special place in my heart.


9 thoughts on “May. I like you.

  1. Happy anniversary to you and Don – you are two very special people and may you have many more years of happiness and wonderful memories together. Am so happy to have been a part of your special day 9 years ago xx

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