Hear hear!

In two sleeps I’ll be gently waking up our dreamy pre-schooler to get her ready for her first little op.  You see, she may be a clever little monkey, but she’s never been able to grasp how to speak properly.  It was only last week when the ENT pointed out to us that she’s lost most of her hearing in her left ear and some of her hearing in her right ear did we realize why. 

So the good doctors are going to take her into surgery, put her under anesthetic, open up and clear her middle ears and then they are going to insert the tiniest little circles.  Welcome to the wonderful world of grommets.  Grommets that are hopefully going to open up a new world of beautiful clear sounds instead of muffled ones. 

Right now, we’ll take one step at a time and keep our sights focused on getting through Friday first.  You see this little girl has an intrinsic dislike of hospitals and rightly so, after her traumatic ordeal last month.  And if our trip to the ENT last week is anything to go by I better put on my big girl panties and make sure I have a steady supply of love, support and most importantly a brave face.

Don’t worry Zoe.  Mommy’s got your back. 

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14 thoughts on “Hear hear!

  1. Ahhhhh – Grommets….the thing that every Mom is terrified of but makes SUCH a difference to the child. Nic had them done when he was about two and it opened up the world for him! It’s terrible having to kiss them as you leave the theater but it’s over quick quick and Zoe will be fine within a day! All the crap that drains out it quite frightening though so if you are squeamish….get Don to do it :-)

  2. Thinking of you as you and Zoe face this “milestone” together. Sure she’ll be just fine and will be right as rain in no time at all.

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