Remember when is published

Remember when is in June’s Fairlady Magazine. Here are a few snippets of the full page feature. 

Favourite children’s book – The enchanting Faraway Tree was a childhood favourite that I’m now able to relive through my own children.  Moon-Face, Silky the fairy, The Saucepan Man, Dame Washalot and Mr. Watzisname are some of the magical creatures that inhabit the mysterious tree.  It’s a fantastical tale that to this day still has me mesmerized. 

Best kids couture – Naartjie offers the most adorable line of kids clothing.  When I walk into the shop I’m  charmed by the fresh colours, the natural fabrics and  the cool prints.  It’s always such a treat to buy one of their outfits and dress my two in them.  Best of all, it’s homegrown too. 

Décor for a kid’s room – Hooray for Bunting!  Not only is it a great way to add some colour to a little boy or girls room but it also makes for some festive decoration at a party too.  Such a small touch but it makes a big difference. 

Best family outing – Arts on Main is Gauteng’s trendiest food market that can be located in down town Joburg.  It’s the cities new creative hotspot.  Many a Sunday has been spent picnicking under the Olive trees with the kids whilst enjoying Moroccan, Ethiopian, Italian or Indian food.  

The rest can be found on page 84 if you have a copy lying around…:)


11 thoughts on “Remember when is published

  1. I saw it over the weekend and was all like “I know her” 8)
    I enjoyed reading it, congrats on being published!

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