What we’ve been up to

Neighbourgood’s Market.  This has not only joined our list of new things we did this week but it’s also topped the list for favourite things to do on a Saturday morning.  The market is filled with mouth-watering aromas, eager patrons and hospitable stall owners . We were spoilt for choice with a selection of mini gourmet burgers, Guinness and Beef freshly baked pies, home-made bottled duck liver pate {which is heavenly on a piece of warm toast and real butter}, wraps infused with Indian and Thai flavours, chilled local beer….etc.  It is a little bit of food heaven in our very own downtown Joburg.    

Decoupaging.  Ten hours in and approximately two hours to go and then the old hand-me down bookshelf will be transformed into a Superhero montage of old Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America and Flash comics.  My fingers throb from cutting out 100’s of comic pages and my body aches from bending over in odd positions to locate the perfect place for it but Ethan’s room will thank me when it’s done, I am sure of it.  Picture of the finished product will follow soon. 

Grommets.  And little white lies.  The promises of strawberry ice-creams were being ushered in the early hours of the morning on our way to Olivedale Clinic.  A little white lie also escaped our lips where we insisted that Olivedale wasn’t a hospital.  This assured her that she wasn’t going to be held down again and have her stomach pumped and that little untruth was worth its weight in gold.  She was a little trooper from the time of being admitted, getting her vitals taken, the pre-meds, being wheeled into theatre and finally having the anesthetist cover her face and put her to sleep.  We go back to the ENT next week for a follow up hearing test. 

27 Dinners.  We attended our very first 27 Dinner on Monday night.  It was hosted at the incredibly elegant Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosebank and not only did we meet some interesting people, but they were so nice too!   We shared dinner with complete strangers and by the end of the evening  we were so motivated by shared ideas that the unfamiliar quickly turned to the familiar.  Ahmed Tilly the Creative Director at Black River FC (Nando’s infamous Ad Agency) was the main speaker for the night and we walked away enthused, motivated and inspired.   We’ll be back next month!

Celebrations.  Birthday Celebrations and Comedy Evenings go hand in hand like a hippy and a volksie bus.  What better way to commemorate another year of your life by sharing the momentous moment with close friends over some hysterical laughter, and that’s exactly what we did this weekend to mark a very special friends birthday.  Thanks for a witty and funny night out John Vlismas and Mel Miller and more importantly Roanne Walker for turning another year older.  SA Comedians Rock and so do Birthdays! 

That is our wrap up from the last few days. 

I’ll leave you with this…


9 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to

  1. I’m embarrassed to admit that we still (!) haven’t been to the Neighbourgoods Market. It’s on my list of places to go and I’ve heard such good things about it. I’m so thrilled that Zoe’s grommet op went well! and i am so sorry i missed 27 Dinners. I keep meaning to go, mainly to meet awesome tweeps like yourself!

  2. I can’t wait to see the bookshelf end result! Glad to hear your little girl’s operation went well and that she wasn’t upset … sometimes a little white lie is okay I think.

  3. So glad Z’s op went well. Can’t wait to see pics of your shelf. Would love to know about your experience of the 27 Dinner. I plan to go everytime I hear that there’s one in CT. Then I end up chickening out. I just feel so old and not-cool-enough and frumpy-like around people like that. Maybe I should just try it once and see.

    1. 27 Dinners was awesome Julia! I was my husband’s tag along for the evening and I find it easier to meet new people when there are two of you.. if you aren’t shy then you should be fine just going by yourself. I’m a bit shy and battle with new introductions but once those ackward moments are over then I’m fine. Go and let me know how it was? :)

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