When moms get sick

We leave work early and on our way home we fight off the urge to pick kids up from aftercare.  We land up picking them up. 

We climb into bed with our favourite blanket and an endless supply of tissues hoping to catch a little nap.  Instead we do homework under the covers.

We drive our tired bodies to the chemist to stock up on flu meds.   We walk out the shopping centre with bread, milk, eggs, yoghurts and other necessities to keep a household running. 

We stumble through to the kitchen feeling a little groggy hoping a peanut butter sandwich will do for dinner.  We spot the fish we took out earlier that morning and land up making fish and chips. 

We dash to the couch after dinner to rest while husbands make school lunches.  Instead Lego boxes are dragged from the room and pleading toddlers beg to be played with. 

We phone in sick the next day and hope to sleep in.  Instead we still set the alarm and get small little bodies ready for school. 

We pack the kids in the car all ready for school with backpacks, sports bags and lunch boxes.  Once we say our final good-bye we climb into bed and we can finally rest. 


11 thoughts on “When moms get sick

  1. Ive been sick since beginning of last week and really need a bit of off time, wednesday I was going to stay at home in bed, drugged and hopefully feel human again soon, but didn’t because of 2 reasons: a) I still have to get up at the crack of dawn to get things done and get kids to school [single parenting joys] and b) I wanted a days leave for Thursday for Amandalynn’s birthday and cant be off for 2 days because my work will pile up.

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