The weather

The weather has a strange way of taking over conversations and bringing complete strangers together. It’s a talking point in elevators with people you’ve never met before.  It’s a talking point in emails with long lost friends who have emigrated.  It’s a talking point with work colleagues when you arrive at the office rubbing chilly hands together and sporting cold noses.  It’s a talking point with the shop attendant when you are stocking up on soup and gluwein.  It’s even a talking point on your own personal blog.

It’s also the deciding factor when you book holiday destinations.  The weather determines whether today is going to be a beanie and scarf day or vests and flip flops.  The weather can be an ice breaker or the common ground for anyone to spark a conversation. 

What the weather meant for us this weekend, an excuse.  An excuse to stay at home on a Saturday night with piles of blankets, movies and hot water bottles.  An excuse to sneak off to the bakery in our pyjamas first thing in the morning to buy freshly baked chocolate croissants.  An excuse to have seconds and perhaps thirds of the Sunday roast lamb, crispy baked potatoes and cinnamon infused butternut.  An excuse to pull out the colourful winter attire and dress the kids up like mini snowmen.  All great excuses why I like Winter.

 So don’t knock the weather.  If it did not change every once in a while, 9 out of 10 people would never be able to start a conversation.


9 thoughts on “The weather

  1. Too true! But all I’ve been doing is complaining about the cold! Think we need to stay indoors and snuggle, that may make me feel better about the cold!

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