My Birthday Wishlist for 2012

Our room is in desperate need of some serious TLC.  I think a full week’s leave should be arranged so I can scrounge around thrift or antique stores to find a little bit of romantic, a little vintage and a lot of whimsy. 

An old Steamer Trunk which I can fill with momento’s and keepsakes. 

Or I could fill the old Streamer Trunk with records?  Records that I could play on an old record player.  The wistful sounds of The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, The Eagles and the Rocky Horror Picture Show will take me back to a time gone by.  A time that makes my heart smile.    

I’ve always wanted an old VW bug!  They have a charm and toughness that no other car has. 

A multicolored crocheted blanket.  An iconic childhood treasure that I would love to pass on to my daughter one day.   

This year my trusty Canon 350D retired.  She did an exceptional job and she’s captured some of the best memories.   I’m replacing her with the shiny and sleek Canon 600D, she has just arrived in SA and I’m itching to get my hands on her.  I think a new camera strap would look great on her especially one like this.

And if all the above stay on my wishlist for a little longer it doesn’t matter because nothing bad came from dreaming a bit. 


10 thoughts on “My Birthday Wishlist for 2012

  1. Love the wishlist…I lived in Durban and every year we would attend my moms friends church fete…and every year the grannies would make crochet blankets…so we would buy one every year. I know have about four (and my sisters each have about four-five)..and I love them

  2. What a beautiful wishlist…. I sure hope Donovan spoils you silly :) …. I especially love the colourful quilt for the bedroom and the camera strap…..

  3. I would *squeeee* with joy for you if you got an old VW bug. Such an amazing old car (also you’ll be very safe because they are as hard as a rock!)

  4. That crocheted blanket is stunning! I have an old similar looking one which was my grans. It’s packed away in the cupboard and you’ve really convinced me to get it out. :)

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