A few reasons why I love you to the moon and back


On your day, Fathers day, you let me sleep in until 9.

You came home tonight with a surprise behind your back, you used your birthday money to spoil me.  

When Zoe was up coughing at 2 am last Saturday you got up and looked after her.

You work so hard, signing off new deals, doing presentations,  just so you can pay off my new camera.

You wake up earlier on a Wednesday when Agnes doesn’t come in so you can make the beds and clean the house. 

You schedule your work meetings so you can pick Ethan up after school in the afternoons.

You sneak to the scout shop in Joburg between meetings to buy Ethan his cub uniform.

You bath the kids and make school lunches.

You make me hot water bottles and pour me glasses of red wine when the kids go to bed.

You put up with my moods and still love me regardless. 

You make this list so easy to write.  Thank you for being you. 



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh god u have me sobbing…gem a blooming gem I tell you.

  2. What a guy! He sounds absolutely amazing!

  3. Melinda says:

    He is definitely a keeper…smile

  4. Kerina says:

    This is soooo sweet Fiona! You are one lucky gal :)

  5. Julia says:

    Absolutely beautiful. He’s a keeper.

  6. Kim says:

    Humph! I’m gonna tell Michael that Donovan is showing him up!
    Happy for you ~ you deserve only the best!

  7. Victoria says:

    You have certainly found yourself a wonderful husband Fee and you deserve every bit of his love and affection xx

  8. Sam says:

    What an awesome post

    Long may the love continue


  9. Andrea says:

    What a gem…

  10. when you succeed in cloning your husband… Please send one, he sounds perfect exactly what every women needs. You are very lucky.

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