The good.  The bad.  The ugly.

Kids we’ve had a good mix of all 3 the last little while. Not necessarily in that order either, thank goodness!  For the most part the bad can be turned around to good and for that I’m very happy. 

The ugly.  Our old trusty Toyota was stolen on Tuesday night.  She was our paid off *keeper* car and we’ve made some good memories in her.  The good.  It looks like the insurance are going to pay out and we’ll be getting a new fancier family car. 

The good.  Daddy and I are doing an eight week parenting course.  It means we can be better for you.

The bad.  Our little house has paint chipping away, stained tiles and a blemished pool.  The good.  We start renovating in the next week. 

The good.  Our playful little kitten brings us lots of joy and happiness.  She even has your *anti pet* daddy wrapped around her cute little paws and she spends most of her evenings cuddled on his lap or running away from you Zoe. 

The bad.  In one month the hairdryer, hair straightener and toaster all decided to retire.  We were without warm toast for a good few days.  The good.  We have recruited new appliances and the sexy red toaster certainly makes some crispy toast. 

The good.  Mommy bought tickets to take you to watch Disney on Ice this weekend.  We broke the news to you last night Zoe and you can’t stop talking about it.  You’ve informed us that your 3 favourite toys ~ Buzz, Jessie and Woody will be tagging along to see the show too.

The bad.  Ethan you had a soccer match yesterday and you forgot to pack your kit.  I got a very desperate call from you an hour before your match pleading with me to go home, pack your kit and come drop it off at school.  Normally daddy would have been able to make it because he works closer to home and your school but we’re short a car.  I couldn’t help.  You cried.  You missed your game.

The good.  The next month is going to be packed with 40th birthday parties, dinners in Parkhurst, Sunday afternoon lunches at Gilroys with friends, girls night out, bloggers picnic, studying for exams, shopping for new tiles and paint and generally being busy with life. 

So kids that’s our good, our bad and our *woody*


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  1. AH…I’m sooooo sorry about your car being stolen. I DO love that you have more good than bad and that you recognise that.
    Good luck for the next few weeks. Being a one-car family can be challenging.

  2. Sounds like more good than bad though :) The car thing sucks – its such an inconvenience more than anything!!

    Shame poor Ethan – Cameron has been there – tough lesson but they need to learn it!

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