Where dreams became reality

Today we took the kids to watch some of their favourite Disney characters come to life.   

Their little bodies were mesmerized.  Their senses were captivated.  For two magical hours the once animated characters they’ve spent many hours watching on the big screen transformed into something tangible.  Something real.  Something we all wanted our childhood heroes to be.    

The show captured the essence and spirit it is to be a child again.  It was spectacular in every way.   The lights, the choreography, the smoke, the costumes ~ they all added to the thrill and enchantment of the afternoon. 

And now the crisp new show ticket we were handed on Sunday is tucked away in our memory jar.  It will no doubt fade over the years and so will the memory but I’ll try preserve it nevertheless.

Another memory stashed away.  Another memory made today.

PS I did actually write this on Sunday.  I’ve just been a teeny bit busy with work, mom and me stuff…


8 thoughts on “Where dreams became reality

  1. Looks amazing, I’m looking forward to the day when Kade is old enough to enjoy things like this as well but also relishing my time with him as a little.


  2. Love the pics, Fiona! I went with some friends and their kids, and my 9 year son, Liam! And we LOVED the Cars section, and Toy Story, especially, but actually all of the show. I think he was expecting not to enjoy it, so I loved the “Mom, that was such fun” at the end of the show. It is such a great reminder that theatrical events are magical. Like dreams x Lovely memory.

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