Mom now I understand

Why you would get upset when we came home with scuffed shoes.

Why you would worry when we weren’t where we said we would be.

Why you said we should enjoy our school days, they were really some of the best years of our life.

Why you would get anxious when we were sick.

Why you would work a second job so we didn’t go without.

Why you didn’t let us go on a church missionary camp when there was conflict in that area, even though we were really looking forward to it.    

Why you were disappointed when our reports didn’t reflect our abilities and asked us to try harder. 

Why you said no to dying hair, nose piercings and tattoo’s when we were teenagers.

Why you didn’t like us going to clubs and drinking under age.

Why you didn’t approve of us having our boyfriends in our room with the door closed.

Why you disciplined us when we were cheeky. 

Why you insisted I eat my vegetables.

Why you would cry sometimes and tell us nothing’s wrong.    

I think if I was given kids of my own before being a child myself, only then would I have really appreciated and understood everything my mom did for me.   

I wish I was more appreciative.  Thank you for everything you did for us. 


5 thoughts on “Mom now I understand

  1. So very true. My parents gave me loads of freedom because I was an only child and they didn’t want me feeling lonely if that makes sense. I realise now just how worried they must have been about me all the time. Parenting is for superheroes.

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