Dear Blog

I’m sorry if you are feeling neglected.  It’s just that life is kind of busy at the moment.

I really don’t mean to ignore you.  I still think about you every day.

I have lots of news to share with you.  Each day I mean to come in and give you an update and each day I run out of time. 

I’ve been busy.  Busy with the kids.  Busy organizing renovators.  Busy buying new cars.  Busy working, oh so busy working.  Busy running a household.  Busy helping my 10 year old with his first set of cycle tests.  Busy with division, nouns and learning about democracies.  Busy taking time out for a night out with a friend.  Busy sorting out insurance claims.  Busy playing taxi. Busy sorting out budgets.  Busy with life. 

I know it’s no excuse and I really could have popped in.  I promise to try harder next week. 

Yours sincerely

Your owner


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