A mini catchup session

I’ve been MIA for almost two weeks now and what can I say.  It’s been a little hectic.

Renovations.  I’m so pleased to announce that the sight of rubble on the grass, strange men walking around in blue overalls and the sound of chipping, grinding and digging are all a thing of the past.  Our little house looks pretty awesome now and I promise to post some before and after pics.

Chest infections.  Coughing, fevers and sneezing has made up the better part of my week and it’s really knocked the wind out of my sails.  I spent my birthday feeling totally sorry for myself and at age 35 I may have had a good cry about it too.  Being sick and having to work on your birthday should be banned.

Christmas in July.  We’re eagerly counting the days down to Parkhurst’s Annual Christmas in July.  In two short evenings we will be strolling down the ever charming 4th Avenue that will be filled with fairy lights, Christmas trees and lots of cheer.

A day with the Lions.  Two Sundays ago we decided to brave the cold so we piled on our woolies, boots, stockings, puffy jackets, scarves and beanies and took a trip out to the Lion Park in Muldersdrift.  We thoroughly enjoyed cuddling the cubs, feeding the comical giraffes and spotting the very handsome White Lions.  We ended the day off at our old faithful pub Gilroys where we ate a hearty lunch and washed it down with Gilroys notorious home-made South African Beer.

Another kind of kitty.  I think our kitten has forgotten she is of feline origin. Trying to get her outside is like trying to persuade a snowman to buy ice.  She just isn’t buying it.  With a little bit of encouragement (more like a push or two) she might go but she’ll head straight for the bottom of the shed where she’ll hide until we coax her back inside.  And here I was worried about how we were going to keep our kitty inside for a whole week so she can get used to us, huh!  We are currently on sixty days housebound and counting.  Please tell me, is this normal for a cat?

The older off-spring.  This week we are down a school tie and a school jersey.  If neither come home with our Grade 4 this evening we’re off to the school shop tomorrow morning with his pocket money.   In more positive news, the results are in from his cycle tests and what can I say, well done Ethan!  You accomplished the highest English Marks for the Grade and topped the other subjects too.  I guess a trip to your favourite place in the world, Gold Reef City, will definitely be on the cards.

The younger off-spring.  Dora, Tinkerbelle, Buzz Lightyear and Kung fu Panda are not only your favourite toys but they are also a good combination of your little personality.  Drama Queen deluxe to our little Tom Boy, you certainly keep us entertained and on our feet.  Every. single. second. of the day.  You rule the roost like a crazy mother hen and you order us around like it’s second nature but at the end of the day when you are curled up on the bed with your bottle and your blanket, I still see a small hint of my sweet baby and I want to hold onto that for as long as possible.

That’s all I can fit in for now.  Hopefully things are going to calm down a bit so I can pop in more often.  Happy {Middle of the week} Everyone.


12 thoughts on “A mini catchup session

  1. I had a friend who always took leave on her birthday..maybe try it. As for kitty..my kitties do not want to go out in the cold..Welcome back

  2. I try to never work on my birthday – some times I have to come in a bit – it is crazy season here over that period of time. But when I went in to the partnership I promised myself that as a reward I will have some time off on my holiday (for all that stress in paying how many other people’s salaries)

    Oh gosh and do not ge tme started on loosing things at school! Well, school seems ok with us, she packs everything away as she takes it off, but ballet class seem to be the black hole that school clothes hop into. Luckily we moms now have everybody’s numbers in the class and we often do find the item in someone else’s bag

  3. (completely random comment) whenever I visit your blog, i think of “shine on you crazy diamond” by Pink Floyd, which we played as I walked into the chapel on our wedding day! Always makes me smile :) x

  4. Welcome back :)

    On the kitties thing the only advice I can offer is cats are weird. Mine are both inside cats with the exception being when one of us is home to keep an eye on them in the garden. So all week we have cats trying to escape until Saturday comes around and the doors are thrown open and they lie inside the house anyway.

  5. Sjoe. Sounds like you’ve had way too much going on. Building renovations alone would stress me out. More so than my kid losing stuff. Glad you are better and I agree with the others, take a day off and treat yourself. See it as your birthday gift from yourself to yourself.
    I miss your photos!

  6. Nice to see you back. Glad the reno went well and that you’re looking forward to things to come. I would take a day off for your birthday and go get a spa treatment or two ;)

    Looking forward to more posts in the near future.


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