My Winter Lull

Winter is my season for pause.  It’s my time of calm and respite.  The colder weather assures me that it’s okay to stay indoors and be a home body, even if it’s for a few short months.  And in these moments of solitude I like to reflect on life, opportunities missed and opportunities still ahead.  I like to take stock and I like to gather my thoughts for the busy season ahead.  It’s not to say life isn’t busy now but instead of having this crazy urge to plan every single second of every weekend, I like to leave my weekends open.  Open to sleeping late, open to watching movies on a Saturday night and open to a free afternoon to do whatever my heart desires.  The last few days have been just that with a few moments of reconnecting and hanging out with friends too.

Thursday night we met up with friends to celebrate Parkhurst’s Annual Christmas in July.  It’s a night where the residents of Jozi embrace the cold to do some late night shopping with a tiny hint of Christmas ambience floating in the air.   For over an hour we strolled down the vibey roads of 4th Avenue and when tummies started grumbling we hopped into our car and took a quick drive up to 7th Avenue to wine and dine at the trendy Full Stop Café.   And I’m almost sure I heard my tummy thank me for the very tasty Thai infused pork chops served with creamy coffee mash that I ordered.   It was more’ish and we’ll definitely be back in August for another serving.

Our late night on Thursday begged for a quiet Friday night.  It was just what I needed and wanted.  Thankfully Saturday followed in Friday’s footsteps and the line-up of movies, take-outs and the occasional nap on the couch repeated itself.  I didn’t complain.  Then Sunday rolled in and we discovered the best way to end a quiet weekend was to catch up with friends on their patio sipping on Jimmi Jagga spritzers, nibbling on hot prawns whilst the sun set in the background.

It’s been the perfect mix for a mid-Winter weekend.  More quiet than busy.  So I’m trying to savour the last few colder weekends where hanging out in my pyjama’s mid-day is the acceptable thing to do.  It’s my season where I embrace the calm and sometimes I wish I was a bear.  Where hibernating is cool and isn’t labeled antisocial.  Oh the life of a bear, I do envy you.


5 thoughts on “My Winter Lull

  1. I enjoy winter but find that this year I’m getting a bit over it already… I’m ready for some post hibernation sunshine outdoor activity!


  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I am feeling quiet. Have not been online that much. Actually, have not been going out that much. Have been going to bed early, reading a lot and just snuggling with the kids. And watching series. I am actually enjoying this period very much.

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