Junk Yards and Hidden Treasures

We spotted a hidden little Junk Yard on our way to pick Ethan up from Cubs on Saturday.   We only had 15 minutes to explore but in those short moments the scrap, debris and cast-off’s of yesteryear transformed into someone’s once upon a time.  Into childhood memories of our yellow little beetle that had a knack of backfiring at the most inopportune time.  Of dreams of touring the Natal Coast in a colourful VW Volksie Bus with high school friends once we finished our Matric Finals.  Even fantasizing of what adventurous trips up in Africa would be like with my little family in a refurbished Mini-Van.

We did enjoy our brief little tour of the junk yard.  A little piece of property hidden in Randburg that is home to timeless old classics.  Classics of an era from days gone by.  Thank you for the visit.  I’m sure I’ll be back with my SLR in hand this time and not just my iphone.


7 thoughts on “Junk Yards and Hidden Treasures

  1. I wanted to say shit, but then I thought it would be inappropriate, but seeing as I already said it:

    shit! An old hippy van like that is one of my dream cars! My friends call it a shagwagon!

  2. Hi I would like to sell my car for scap metal.
    Its still going and in daily use.
    Would u b intressted.its a opel monza.don’t
    Have papers for it.


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