Happiness is

…waking up early, opening up the sliding doors and walking out to this.…buying a R29.99 bucket and spade which kept the kids busy for hours on end.

…being wrapped up in a warm towel after running in the waves. …my eldest posing for me in his wannabe Justin Bieber outfit. …taking a leisurely lunch break at Ballito’s rustic Mozambik. …little girls costumes that fit a little loose on her sweet little body.

…finding an abandoned life board where she sat longer than normal so I could snap away. …discovering a deserted house to explore with the kids.

….long beach walks with daddy scouring the sea for fish to catch. …Happiness is Summer Holidays…


9 thoughts on “Happiness is

  1. Mozambik is utterly my favourite spot in Ballito. Glad you enjoyed it. What is that old house like inside? i wonder about it every time I drive past. Great pictures and it looks like you had a lot of fun.

    1. There is a Mozambik up here in Jhb, which we both love too!

      The old house inside is full of graffitti and is as delapitated as outside but saying that, it is clean. No broken glass or rubbish ~ I think someone keeps it clean?

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