The countdown to the silly season

It’s that hectic, busy and wonderful time of the year.  It’s the countdown to the festive season, the last stretch of the year where time is fleeting.  Where diaries are filled to the brim with outings to Christmas Markets, Night Markets, Summer Parties, Work Functions, Theatre Productions, Live Concerts and Dinner Parties.  Where grocery shopping becomes a treat because at the end of every aisle there is a shimmering Christmas tree or a shiny Christmas Decoration to remind you that holidays are near.  Where ad breaks are filled with Christmas Jingles and the big box of Christmas Decorations tucked up in the top cupboard is bursting to be unpacked and hung up.

It’s the time of the year where budgeting is pointless, dieting is impossible and giving comes naturally.  Where opening your heart to someone less fortunate is done freely.  It is also the time of the year where family traditions are created, memories are made and shopping for advent calendars are on our “to do list”.  And in the hustle of all the busy’ness I try and take stock of how much we have to be grateful for, for our health, our family, our friends and the opportunities that came our way this year.  Of course we’ve had our ups and downs this year but gratitude consists of being more aware of what you have, than what you don’t.   That’s what I am going to try to endeavor to do more of.  Especially now, during the season where it’s easy to take things for granted.  Things I  have that other people pray for.

This season I am going to try and teach my children that sometimes it feels better to give because after-all we ‘make a living by what we get, but we make a life but what we give’ – Winston Churchill.

And sometimes the Grinch can be just as wise as Winston Churchill so I’ll leave you with this


4 thoughts on “The countdown to the silly season

  1. I’m guilty of being miserable during this time of year. My hubby and I come from opposite worlds when it comes to Christmas traditions. I’ve realized that its not worth fighting to keep old traditions but worth creating new ones. I’ve promised to enjoy the time and shower myself in the smiles and excitement I see in my hubby’s face this year – that’s what counts! X

  2. Aaah! Falalala – fa – la- la -la! Traditionally, and because I am mostly materialistic, I find the level of happiness and eagerness for the Silly season is directly proportionate to the wads of cash I have in my Visagie wallet.
    BUT – this year … I have decided to not be so shallow, mainly because we are really scraping the barrel and, quite frankly, it is quite exhausting being soooo proportionately depressed and morbid all of the waking moments in my day.
    4 Things that I have decided, or started, to keep the mood afloat….
    – The ones I love around me, will be getting homemade gifts, of which have been mostly made during my manic beading stage; my manic crocheting stage and the the soon to be commencing manic biscuit baking stage. As a matter of fact, the festive smell of oranges is wafting through the house as I attempt to make marmalade for the first time – eva, girlfriend! (Even dug the pips out and put them in a baggie-thingie in the pot? WTF?)
    – I will be inviting my brother, and the lovely Kira, round for at least one of the celebratory meals – because they are so easy to please, eat absolutely everything – including Turkey with a herb, honey and buttered butt. They never complain about the food, what they can and cannot eat, cholestrol, spiciness and smoked mussels. In fact, I get such pleasure out of feeding them, it makes me feel like Gordon F$%king Ramsey. They are also laid back, and we got no backhanded compliments – and there is definitely no rowing out to the centre of the lake of self-pity with them. Yay.
    – I will be drinking my tipple of choice very regularly until after the Grinch has stolen the prezzies. I deserve it. So, deal with it, and don’t you dare try to stop me, Prissy Prats.
    – I will look on the bright side, and pray more, and really have faith that everything will be better next year. I know that S and I will continue to be able to earn a living. (Although I will put my foot down at standing on the harbour wall.) I will love the place we stay in and know that we are privileged to be here. My son will continue to do well at school … and we will find a way to keep him where he is now. Afterall, he and his sister are superstars – sharp and street smart; talented and really lovely, likeable people – and they are doing it all themselves… from waterpolo to arranging flowers in an egg. (Luckily, for their – and my sanity – I stopped with the whole helicopter parenting thing a while back. And we all survived. Who knew?) God knows how He got it right with parents like S and I.

    Anyway, off to stir the pot (with the soon-to-be marmalade) a bit more.

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