There is a boy

A boy who can be a little odd. A little unconventional. A boy that doesn’t always fit in.

The same boy who cares and loves with all of his heart. A boy who would give his tuck money away to put a smile on someone elses face.

A boy who can be forgetful. Absentminded at the best of times.

A boy who helps carry groceries from the car. A boy who is thoughtful like his daddy. A boy who is the best big brother and allows his little sister to mess up his room.

A boy that tests the boundaries.

A boy who amazes us with his creativity and ingenious.

A boy who gets frustrated with us. A boy we get frustrated with. A boy who is often misunderstood.

And with all of this little boys peculiarities comes a wonderful difference. An imperfect but amazing difference. I’m sorry if I try and push you into a boring conventional box. A box where most of us live without creativity and originality. Your world is filled with imagination and uniqueness. What a wonderful world to live in and I hope I never try to take it away again.

My boy. Ethan


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