Four years ago

This was me 4 years ago.

We were a family of 3.  I was a mother of 1.

We were soon to become a family of 4.  I was soon to become a mother of 2. You were going to complete us.

We were counting down the last few weeks to your much anticipated arrival.  We hand-painted your nursery, the cot was assembled with care and your dresser boasted adorable pink baby-growers and frilly white dresses.

We were excited, nervous and elated that you were going to join our family.   We had fears of imminent sleepless nights, we had moments of self doubt and we were thankful for the blessing growing inside me.

We yearned to hold you.  We dreamed of the moment we would be handed our little girl.  A little soul that we had prayed for and wished for.

You were everything we anticipated and more.


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