Our week in pics

On Wednesday we dined in a semi private striped room at Red Rabbit in Nicolway. It might just be our new favourite restaurant.

photo 1 rr

I’m in the finals to win two limited edition Harley Davidsons. Hold thumbs for me please.

photo 4

The books on the side of my bedside table. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is hauntingly beautiful.

photo a

This weekend we welcomed the 1st of December, can you believe it? It’s time for Jingle Bells, Christmas lights and Advent Calendars, especially pretty wooden ones from Woolies.

photo 4a

A musical dream came true this weekend. Ethan started his much anticipated guitar lessons.


This weekend our bed was decorated with brown paper bags filled with rockstar kids t-shirts, order forms and funky button badges. It’s been an exciting few days.

photo 2a

Red Velvet Cakes topped with cherries and chocolate buttons. The benefits of having the owners of Magnolia cakes part of your bookclub, thanks for spoiling us on Friday night girls.

photo 5

Red, yellow and blue bunting especially made with a dash of love and a lot of affection for my oldest. I hope you like them on your bedroom wall boy.



6 thoughts on “Our week in pics

  1. Ooh a new restaurant to try! Cannot wait for my Rockstarkids order :)
    Bradley also wants to go for guitar lessons… I’m going to have to sort that out next year

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