Do you know what’s worse than being let down?

It’s when something let’s your child down.

It’s that moment when you believe someone has shattered their dreams, sometimes intentional and sometimes not.   It’s hard when it happens to you but it’s even harder when it happens to your child.

Yesterday morning we nearly had one of those moments.  Before my alarm clock even had a chance to go off yesterday morning I heard Nana and Ethan stirring.  It was odd that there was so much activity at that time of the morning especially on the first day of school holidays, and if you’re wondering what they were doing up so early? They were getting ready to go and queue.  They had camp chairs over their shoulders, books to keep them busy and a wallet full of money to buy 6 Justin Bieber tickets.   I bid them farewell and hoped for the best.  The otherwise empty parking lot at the Checkers Centre was buzzing with other fans impatiently waiting for 9 am.  My mom and Ethan were number 11 and 12 in the queue.

I drove to work excited and nervous.  Excited because this was going to be Ethan’s first concert and he was going to see his icon.  I remembered how much I adored my childhood icons like Kylie Minoque, Jason Donovan and New Kids on the Block and how awesome it would be to have seen them live all those years ago.  Nervous because there was a chance he wouldn’t get a ticket and he would lose out on that experience.

I touched base with my mom a few times before tickets went on sale and when 9 o clock eventually  arrived I kept my phone handy, waiting for their call to say they had tickets.  Five past 9.  No call.  Ten past 9.  No call.  Quarter past 9.  My phone rang.  I could hear my mom was frazzled.   She was asking me about the R315 tickets and I said no, try get the better ones.   This was a once in a lifetime show for my boy!  Then she said their system was hanging.  She would call me back.  Twenty past 9.  She called.  Tickets were almost sold out.  They had a few seats here and there but not 6 together.  Not even 4 together.  She said Ethan was crying.  I told her to look for at least two seats together.  Please.

She called me back.  She had found two seats, right at the back of the stadium, right at the top, possibly the worst seats, but ~ two seats together.  We had tickets and for that I was grateful.  My child wouldn’t be let down.

Bieber 1

Justin Bieber here we come!



3 thoughts on “Do you know what’s worse than being let down?

  1. My heart plummeted as I read this… I am SO glad that Ethan is not going to be disappointed and that the two of you can share this special moment together :)


  2. Sjoe. So glad you eventually got tickets. CT sales opened today and a lady in my office battled. At one stage 3 of us were on the phone to Computicket (at the same time) while she ran across the road to Checkers because the website was crashing. She had to settle for standing tickets though but at least she got her two. You guys are going to have soooooo much fun.x

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