Ten reasons why I love the Holidays

We can watch as many episodes of Shameless as we want without worrying about reasonable bed times

Waking up to Zoe sneaking into our bed is so much sweeter than an alarm clock

Swimming countless times a day eliminates the need to bath the kids in the evening

Waking up in the morning I don’t have to worry about traffic jams, upset customers or deadlines

Our fridge is filled with leftover gammon, stuffing and beer

My car hasn’t left the garage in over a week

Grannies take the kids Christmas shopping so we get to do impromptu afternoon dates in Parkhurst

I don’t get upset over toilet seats that haven’t been put down, unmade beds and dirty dishes

Eating out is so much better than grocery shopping and making dinners 

Having ice-cream for breakfast is a necessity when you are camping and it reads a scorching 31 degree’s at 8 in the morning

camp 1


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