Our hot and sticky camping trip.

It seemed like a good idea to book a short camping trip over New Years with friends.  After all none of us had any other plans, camping always turns out to be fun, we were all on holiday and best of all we’re right in the middle of our Summer which is normally the best time to camp out in the great outdoors.  All the above seemed to be working in favour of a great outing except the milder weather temperatures we were experiencing in Joburg seemed to transform overnight and the day we arrived, we were greeted by a heatwave!  Climbing out the car that day to setup camp we were greeted by a scorching 37 degree slap in the face.  Hello Pilansberg. 

camp 5

Shade became our number one priority because standing in the sun was downright exhausting.  Luckily my sister had found us one of the last camp sites that had a few trees and those trees became our sanctuary over the next few days.  That a long with the resorts public pool which was somewhat tepid, a bit green but disgustingly appealing when you are sweating like a pig.  We jumped into it without to much apprehension because honestly at that point we would have done anything to cool our sweltering bodies.  The tent didn’t give us much reprieve either.  The heat inside the tent boasted at least 2 or 3 degree’s hotter than outside, so changing into our costumes with the doors zipped closed was something similar to climbing into a sauna when you are sunburnt.   The heat was unrelenting, day and night.  The only break from the heat was to go for a drive in our airconditioned car.  It was an absolute god send and was one of the only reasons I insisted on a game drive at the crack of dawn especially when the temperature reads 31 degrees and it’s not even 8 o clock yet. 

I know I’m painting a pretty bleak picture of our camping trip, but in all sincerity we actually did enjoy ourselves.   I know when it’s time to pack up we always have a big moan about all the hard work and we promise ourselves that next time we’re going to book into a chalet but let’s face it –  leaving our clean, cozy and airconditioned lifestyles to go live in the outdoors for a few days really isn’t that bad.  Especially when you are surrounded by friends, family, kids, giraffes, campfires, chilled beer and good company.  It also helps us appreciate how easy we have it at home. 

Until next time.camp 16camp 2


11 thoughts on “Our hot and sticky camping trip.

  1. Sjoe. Sounds like you all took a bit of strain. Am sure the kids will have BEAUTIFUL memories though. Love your two pics!

  2. I lived in the Pilanesburg for many years and the heat there is totally unbearable at times! Kudos to you guys for sticking it out… I have to say tho that the beauty of the park totally makes it worth it ;)


  3. We were in the Pilansberg for new years last year. It was just amazing, not as hot as this year. However, we were in Mozambique, where we had to take cold midnight showers just to cool off! It was crazy

  4. In reply to your question on my blog:

    Hi Fiona, you chose a great time to go, because it is not going to be as humid and hot! We went in a 4×2, which is recommendable, because even if you get stuck, people will help you! You will be entirely safe in a 4 x 4! Friends of ours left their car at the border and went by taxi to town, and they said the taxi was reckless and dangerous. Also, not everything is within walking distance, and when you want to haul big things, its just going to be tiring.

    1. Oh dear! We don’t have a 4 x 4. I’ll chat to our contact at the resort and just make sure they will be picking us up and not a taxi. Thanks for your feedback Megs :)

  5. Oh Fiona, should have warned you. My hubby spends a lot of time in the Pilansberg and he will not let us camp December/January/February – jus tos very hot. That being said, we do tackle the Natal North Cost every December in just as hot temperatures, but being at the coast, the sea breeze helps a bit. But on the 31st of Dec we had 41 degrees and 95% humidity – no kidding!

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