Another first

Ethan you started at a new school yesterday.  It was a big day for you, bigger than I probably could have imagined. You told me you were nervous and I could see you were anxious.  After all, you are old enough now to realize that change can be uncomfortable.  When we dropped you off in your new classroom another little boy shouted out for you, pointing out that you were sitting next time him and he assured us he would make you feel right at home.  That comforted us and we walked out, climbed into our car and went to work.

Ethan 2

But then last night you broke down. You cried and you asked if you could stay at home today.  You said it was hard and that you felt alone.  I mean, your feeling hurt is validated, no-one likes to be that kid in the playground who is sitting by himself.  You’re the new kid in the school.  The kid that doesn’t know anyone.  The kid that doesn’t have a history.

It’s going to take time.  I tried to explain that to you last night and I tried to assure you and both of us had tears running down our cheeks.  I  know how hard it is to go from the familiar to the unfamiliar, to move from a place you’ve known for many years to the unknown.  I also know how spirited you are and I know that you’re going to get through this on top.  We’re going to look back at this post in a few months time and I’m really hoping I can tell you “I told you so”.

I’m thinking of you today.


21 thoughts on “Another first

  1. This post really struck a chord with me, with Caeli and Jamie having just started brand new schools this week as well. Thinking of Ethan today and really hope he feels a lot more settled today already. Lots of love

  2. Ah man! Poor guy…but it does take time and he’s such a kind soul that he’ll make friends quickly! ((HUGS)) to you I know it’s hard on you too

  3. Today is ALWAYS a better day…Ethan is amazing and you can’t help but love him. In no time at all he is gonna have more friends than he can handle, you just wait and see!

  4. Dear Ethan,

    I so know how you feel, I had to change schools when I was 12. I hated it! No one spoke to me the first two days, but not because they were being mean, just because they didn’t know me. So I eventually started talking too them. I made such good friends. So know this…it does get better, each day it gets better, and before you know it…you’ll be loving it. I promise :-)

    Good luck Ethan…

    1. Thanks Hayley. Your reply made me sad but happy at the same time. It’s comforting to know someone who has been through something similar and who came out with great friends in the end. Today someone came up to him at break and asked him to play. When he told me I wanted to cry….from happiness.

      1. And he will be fine…it is hard, but you know what…I am now so grateful that my parents moved and that we had to change schools. I know, without a doubt, that it made me and my sister stronger, We would not be the people we are today, if it wasnt for that. It takes time, but he will be okay…and will be loving it :-)

  5. As someone who moved schools OFTEN as a child I can tell you assuredly he will be fine (wento to 10 schools in 12 years!). It will just take a little bit of time, but once the kids get to know him he’ll soon have plenty friends. It’s hard, but he will learn from it and grow so much.

    Hang in there Mamma, not long and he’ll soon find his groove there.


  6. I really feel for you Fiona … and for Ethan! At the end of last year, Alex told me he didn’t want to go to a new class or have a new teacher. But at least he was going to be at the same school! So I can only imagine how hard this change must be for your little guy. I hope that it is getting better daily, and that he has made some friends too. good luck xxx

  7. This broke my heart! I changed schools, and countries, at the end of standard 6/grade 8. It was awful, as the kids had all spent a whole year together and I arrived, this chubby little nerd with a bad haircut and thick glasses, at possibly the worst time of the year. I was petrified. Two or three days in, a girl made friends with me in PE. She joked about not wanting to swim and we had a little giggle about something … I can’t remember what it was. Today, 17 years later, she is one of my best and closest friends. Ethan … just know this: it will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then its not the end.

    Hope today goes better for you all! xxx

  8. I feel so sorry for the little man. I was in 4 different schools in Grade 1 and it was a nightmare. I hope things improve and that he will soon have loads of friends.

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