We’ve had alot of this lately

sad zoe

And I think it’s because our little girl is trying to find her place in the big wide world.  With all the change that’s going on, it’s not surprising either.

A change of school can make you feel a little lost and insecure.  A total change to your bedroom can be refreshing but it can also be a little daunting especially with all the new sounds and shadows that come out to play when it’s dark.  A change in age means you’re a little older but you’re also getting a little wiser and your focus is shifting and perceptions are changing.  Fantasy creeps into your reality and this means we have to sprinkle pixy dust on your windows at night to keep the big bad Captain Hook from climbing in and stealing you at night.  Throw all this change into a bag and mix it up, it equals one very unsettled little girl.

So yes we’ve had some unhappy faces, tantrums and sleepless nights but I’m holding on to the fact that change signifies a new beginning.   It also means growth and entering the unknown.  I hope I can be your comfort through this transition period.  I also hope you find your smile in the mornings when we drop you off at your new school, find your happy space in your new room and find assurance that good always prevails over evil. And Pete Pan always wins.

And I still think you are the most gorgeous little girl even when you frown.

sad zoe 2


9 thoughts on “We’ve had alot of this lately

  1. Found your blog via Margot at joumaseblerrieblogspot – it seems our kids are the same age – and he is also very unsettled. Hugs.

  2. Ewan also started Grade RRR this year. At least his is in the same school but he is still unsettled by all the new kids. Lots of sad faces and the new found ability to scream when he doesn’t get his way.

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