What we did

Does anyone else get the Sunday Blues? I do. Especially when the weekend has been as awesome as this weekend was.

It started off a bit bumpy. We did an emergency stop over at the doctors on the way home on Friday because a certain young lady had a soaring temperature, a sore throat and an inflamed ear. This is her 4th ear infection in 4 weeks and I think it’s time to take my baby back to the ENT. Is there anything else an ENT can do for ear infections after grommets?

Saturday morning was hectic and we had to split up because running between guitar lessons, grocery shopping, book shopping, finding something to wear for the concert and a princess party it’s near impossible to do it by yourself. So we did the whole divide and conquer thing and came out tops.

Then it was time for the Red Hot Chilli Pepper Concert. Our first stopover was the Shack Sheeben just off Vilakazi Streeet and the kwaito music, oversized quarts, buying beers out of a side window and chilling in old taxi seats made for a very interesting afternoon. After our Soweto stopover we all climbed into the Minivan and headed to one of my favourite stadiums, the larger than life “Colourful Calabash”. The atmosphere was electric. The show was exhilarating. The stadium was buzzing. It was a night to remember. Red Hot Chilli Peppers you are truly iconic!

Sunday was a toss-up between going to a Vintage Car Show in Magaliesberg or stopping over at an Old Favourite. We woke up ravenous and decided that the appetizing food stalls at Arts on Main could be the only logical choice. photo 7

And it didn’t disappoint, it never does. Sitting in the shade of the Olive Tree’s with an arrangement of the tastiest Mexican food, sugary pancakes, fresh popcorn and chilled beers means it still tops our old favourite list. And not to have itself outdone by a show in Magaliesburg the streets of Main also boast its own selection of Vintage cars. photo 18

So even though Sunday evening was a bit blue, the rest of the weekend was far from it.


7 thoughts on “What we did

  1. Awesome!!! I saw the Chilli Peppers when they came to Durban 100 years ago – it was one of those underground Live concerts that you had to have a secret nod and a handshake for. Such a small crowd at the Bat Centre but absolutely the best concert I’ve been too (aside from Lenny Kravitz in the rain).

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