A walk in the park

Life has been anything but a walk in the park lately.  It’s been a crazy mixture of work, deadlines, problems, meltdowns, system bugs, sleepless nights and did I mention stress?  I’m tired and it’s only February.  Work is getting to me and lately most Sundays are filled with dread for the week ahead.  So yesterday, instead of sitting at home we decided to take the kids to the local park.  The space was filled with playgrounds, bike trails, a lonely windmill and lots of breathing space.pic 11

And while we were there I spotted one of the cleaners.  An elderly guy in his old City of Johannesburg overall, taking photos of the bins.  I was curious.  When I asked him why, he was more than happy to tell me that it was part of his job.  He needed to prove to his Supervisor that today he emptied bins.  No photo no pay.  Good golly!  Seriously?

And what put things into perspective for me is that he did it with pride and he took dignity from each empty bin.  He was enjoying the small things in life.  He was getting it right.  He was doing what I miss.  Enjoying life and not letting silly things get to me.

Here are a few of those moments in the park.

Daddy’s girl.  She wasn’t meant to be in this shot but I love that she ran into it anyway.

pic 7

She loves to swing.  She has always loved to swing and one day when we have a big garden with a big tree, I’ll buy her a big girl swing.

pic 8

Super M’s, chubby fingers and giggles.  Can you see the little trickle of pink milk by her thumb?

pic 6

Ice cold Coca Cola’s on a hot day.pic 3

Siblings.  Always watching out for each other.  Play mates.

pic 2

Then we ended off our day at one of our favourite Greek Restaurants where we ate fried halloumi, yiro in pita and hot chips.  It was a good Sunday.



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