Nice things

I love all things pretty.  I particular love the items below.  I’m frantically trying to work out a way to buy them all without having to eat baked beans on toast every night.

This bag from Nonna Gift & Decor Shop in Parkhurst.  My much loved Olkapolka bag is looking a little sad and I found a little wear and tear rip in her side last week.  Bag

This beautiful Jozi Skyline Pendant that my very talented friend makes over at Whimsy & Whatnots.  So so pretty.


A pink typewriter just like this that I found in a little thrift shop in Melville a few weeks ago.  It would look lovely on my old trunk and I’ve been told by the owner she is in perfect working condition.  I hope she is still there when I go back for her at the end of the month. 

pink typewriter

A big white washed vintage table that preferably seats at least 10 people for a dinner competition that I’m hosting next month.  And a bigger garden so I can fit everyone in. 


So many nice things to dream about, don’t you think?


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