A new Season. A new Style.


Here are a few reasons why I always welcome Autumn with open arms. 

The promise of cooler evenings.  I do love Summer for it’s sunny skies, however being from Joburg, let’s just say the heat can get suffocatingly hot at times.   

The array of oranges, reds, yellows and magentas.  It’s the season that boasts the most impressive colour palette. 

A gala of birthday parties.  A lot of my nearest and dearest are born in May and June which means there are weeks that are packed with parties, festivities and merriment.   

The comfort food.  Making home-made butternut soup infused with nutmeg, masala curry and sweet coconut milk. 

Autumn fashion. Wooly hats, thick tights, boots, over sized coats, colourful scarves…need I say more?

It’s cold enough to justify you staying in on a Saturday night and eating hearty stews but it’s still warm enough to picnic with friends on a Sunday afternoon. 

So in celebration of the new Season I would like to introduce Remember When’s new look.  I’m liking it a lot and just want to give my hubby Donovan a big shout out for the design.  It might have taken a few weeks and a couple of moans but I finally got it out of him.  And I love it <3


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