Behind the Scenes

It’s been pretty quiet on this little blog but let me tell you, behind the scenes it’s been far from quiet.  Our little family has been up to all sorts of things the last few weeks that I honestly haven’t even had time to think up a blog post, never mind write one.

Work has eaten up most of my time but if you know me well enough, you will know that I’ve never let work get in the way of living.  So even though I find myself overwhelmed every now and again with the worry of deadlines and projects, I really try to keep myself busy enough on the weekends that those thoughts don’t take over every free thought and moment.  And in those moments we’ve created memories.

One.  One magnificent afternoon spent with two amazing people at the Portuguese Festival last weekend.  Nothing beats an afternoon under the African sky eating mouthwatering food, sipping on their infamous wicked cocktail of cane, castor sugar and limes and catching up with friends.


Ten.  We celebrated our 10 year Wedding Anniversary this week.  We celebrated it twofold with an al fresco picnic at the picturesque riverbank of Toadbury Hall.  Then Friday evening we dined at SA Masterchef’s restaurant Aarya and after much anticipation we sat down to watch the smash hit musical Jersey Boys, which didn’t disappoint at all.  It was a nostalgic week, and what I wouldn’t give to turn the clock back to 10 years ago?  Our wedding down on the beach with our nearest and dearest was a week I’ll never forget and one I’ll always hold very close to my heart.  Not to mention our two week honeymoon spent in the charming, quaint and strikingly beautiful Greek Islands.  I would redo it, in a heartbeat.

Five.  Five couples who have decided to host our only little SA Come Dine with Me in May.  I’ve been furiously planning a menu and trying out dishes and I’m happy to say the menu is done, the décor planned and the dessert is setting in the freezer.  I. can’t. wait.  We host this week!

Two.  We witnessed two souls become one yesterday.  I was lucky enough to be invited to Laura’s wedding and what can I say.  The bride was exquisite, the groom handsome and the venue utterly enchanting, delightful and captivating.  Photo’s are up on Jeanette’s blog already



It’s been a busy two weeks and the next couple of weeks are only going to get busier, but I’m grateful.  Grateful that I have deadlines and projects to worry about, because it means I have a job.  There are so many people out there who pray for work, any work.  Grateful that I have to worry about what to cook for dinner because it means I have a family.  They are my constant.  My love.  My life.  Grateful for my sister and my friends.  They are my nicest distraction and I love them to bits.

So yes life is busy right now and it’s often a juggling act but I wouldn’t change a thing.


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