Bits and pieces

Wow. What an insanely crazy and busy birthday month it’s been.  I got totally spoilt by each and every friend and family member.  And what makes my little heart beat a little faster is knowing that people get me.  The presents had my name written all over them, it’s as if they know me better than I know myself sometimes.  A multi-colored crochet blanket, a girls night away at a lodge next month, retro wooden canvasses of old camera’s, a bottle of Tommy Girl, an old style red minibus piggybank, a fleecy Woolie Onsie, a bottle of yummy home-made tomato bredie, a smart bag, a really trendy Polaroid camera and two very funky picture holders for the polaroids.

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Not only did I get to tick a lot of things off on my want list, I was also lucky enough to create some really special memories.  Here a few things we did this month.

Parkhurst’s Christmas in July.  I love it when Christmas comes twice a year!  It’s a night of pavement socializing, christmas jingles, home-made cookies, gluwein and fine dining.  We settled on having dinner with friends at Possums.  The décor, the food and the company didn’t disappoint.  Thank you for the mid-year festivities.

Pretville. It’s small, it’s charming and it takes you back to yesteryear.  This little Fifties Town boasts it’s very own town hall, a diner, a salon, a sweet shop, a bioscope and a collection of classic vintage cars.  In a nutshell it’s madly colourful and full of fun!

Come Dine with Me Finale.  Five Dinner parties.  10 Votes.  1000 Cash Prize.  1 and ½  hour edited video.  One Winner.  It was epic!  We are officially the CDWM Winners for 2013, even though no-one will let me live down that I forgot the serviettes.

Secret Eats.  The lead up to Secret Eats was all very hush-hush and cloak-and-dagger.  The venue was undisclosed until the day of the event and the menu was top secret until a few minutes before taking our place at the dinner table.  The mystery and enigma of it was all very exciting.  There is nothing like a build up to a dinner like the way Secret Eats hosts one.  We had a fabulous evening with my sister and brother in law!

Melville Music Festival.  We landed up at the Music Festival quite by accident two Saturday’s ago.  The plan was to take friends to one of our favourite quaint little French restaurants in Melville for a quiet lunch of pizza and their house wine, but instead we found ourselves in the middle of a magnificent French Music Street Party.  The little streets and avenues were brought to life by jazz bands, dj’s, live bands and a full on orchestra.  It was music to our ears and food for our soul.

All in all it’s been a month filled with love and gratitude.


4 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. You deserve to be spoilt. Glad you had a happy birthday & you are blessed with awesome family & friends.
    Maybe one year you’ll invite us to Christmas in July ;) I keep forgetting about it

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