Almost a year

It’s been almost a year since I last updated this little blog of mine.  So much has changed, but so much has stayed the same. 

In a year…

We celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and life.


I worked hard and I was promoted.

 I struggled to find a balance between work and home. I still do.

I jumped into the Indian ocean and swam with dolphins. It was exhilarating.   

I still love taking photos.  It’s my passion and outlet. 

I traded in my trusted Yaris for a trendy little Fiat Convertible.

Ethan has transformed into such a caring sensitive child.  I am so proud of him.

I travelled to Welkom, Mossel Bay, Pietermartizburg and Langebaan.  For business.


I met new Clients and Projects went Live.

I travelled to Mozambique, Kei Mouth, Clarens and Cape Town.  For pleasure.



We made lots of new memories.

Zoe learnt how to write and say her ABC.  She keeps us on our toes.

A crazy night in Long Street over a few drinks turned into promises of a tattoo. I love it and don’t regret it.

I battled insecurities and anxiety.  I prayed.

We lost touch with people but other bonds were strengthened.

Most of all, in a year we lived.  We tried to make the most of every situation.  We battled demons.  We loved.   We were there for each other.  There is no time for regret.

Instead I look back grateful, and I look forward hopeful.


5 thoughts on “Almost a year

  1. I am so silly, this made me cry. So Glad to be part of your life, you make all the best memories, take the best photos and are the bestest friend anyone could ever have.

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