A few reasons why I need to blog again

I started thinking of this blog a few weeks ago. Then I thought of it again a few days later. I contemplated writing again. I considered it, I deliberated about it and I reflected about it, and to be honest the thought of it made me a bit nervous.

Then I read through my old blog posts and it resurrected all sorts of feelings and memories. I yearned for those days. I became sentimental, wistful and melancholy.

I realised that this was more than a blog. It was a biography, a memoir. A chronicle of our lives together. My family, my friends and my nearest and dearest.

It will be something that we will all look back on one day and we’ll remember, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Writing is a form of therapy. It made me happy. It provokes all kind of feelings. It made me reflect on the time that I did write, and there was no remorse. I don’t want to look back and have regret, so I am going to resurrect Remember Me.


Starting today


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