The Amazing Race for Charity

The has been on my bucket list for years, and I finally got to tick it off this weekend. It was everything I imagined it would be, and more.

Let me warn you, the clues were not easy to decipher, at all. They were cryptic, challenging and needed us to think out of the box. We googled, we used social media, we swopped a clue with another team with a bit of bribery and corruption, we problem solved and we argued but we’re proud to say, we never needed our life line. I’m also proud to say that we did it without any friendships ending or marriages destroyed, and came in Team 16 out of 150. Whoop Whoop!

The clues led us racing all over the North of Johannesburg and included activities from jumping on Pogo sticks, stopping at the Field and Study centre to buy ice cream from a retro ice-cream cart, checking out the new kid on the block in Melville, the very funky “Pulp Fiction Restaurant”, buying items from a second hand shop and finding someone to donate it to, drinking crafts beers in Melrose, coming up with our own proudly SA haka outside Hogheads in Fourways, downing raw egg, pilchards and chicken liver to tracking someone walking their dog and taking a photo with them. It was challenging to say the least.


There were 150 teams, and each team had a mandate. Dress to kill and or win! It was a day where originality, imagination and resourcefulness met. We were racing against the likes of the Ghost Busters, Tetris Blocks, Steampunk ladies, Surgeons, Mexican’s, Construction Workers, the Matrix, Baywatch babes, Scoopy Doo, Michael Jackson, Orange is the new black, Superheroes and ourselves, the happy hippies from the 60’s. Each group flooding the streets of Joburg with colour, enthusiasm and craziness.


It was epic. It will definitely be something that will make an annual appearance on our social calendar going forward.


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